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Autowise Editor-In-Chief Bryon Dorr

About AutoWise: Who We Are

At AutoWise, we are drivers. Our team of editors and contributors has a passion for cars, trucks, motorcycles, side-by-sides, and all the adventures that come with the open road. And boy have we had some adventures! From traveling the US by motorcycle with a sidecar and a dog, to spending nearly 8-years full-time on the road in a custom overland camper, to chasing the Baja 1000, to competing in the local autocross on the weekends, our team of experts have lived and are living the automotive dream.

We’ve learned much along the way, and are passionate about sharing our experience, knowledge, and enthusiasm for automotive adventures. As such, AutoWise offers practical, useful tips to make the most of your car, truck, motorcycle, or side-by-side. From racing and off-road advice to vehicle maintenance, custom builds, buying advice, and reviews of the latest vehicles, AutoWise is here for you.

We help a quarter-million plus readers each month make informed automotive buying decisions. From the best automotive wax to the best cheap muscle cars or the latest and greatest electric vehicles, AutoWise has done the research to help you make smart purchases.

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AutoWise Editorial Guidelines

As a member of the AllGear family of websites, we take pride in our expert reviews, accurate news, and compelling storytelling. Our authors create accurate, fair, and timely reports about the products and people who shape the automotive industry.

Got a story you’d like to share? Find an article that needs improvement? We’re happy to hear your ideas and feedback. Please reach out to our Editor-In-Chief Bryon Dorr ([email protected]).

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Product Reviews

AutoWise reviews are independent, and our authors base their opinions on a mix of research, product testing, and expert interviews. Our primary goal is to help buyers find the best products for their needs. While AutoWise may earn a small commission from your purchases if you visit links within our stories, we never accept payment for reviews.

About Lola Digital Media

AutoWise is a member of the Lola Digital Media AllGear Group. Lola Digital Media builds best-in-class media sites that fuel readers’ niche passions. We strive to deliver content that is creative, positive, and always relevant. Our teams live and breathe the topics we cover and are immersed in the communities we serve.

Lola strives to inform, educate, and entertain readers about the passions, products, and people that enrich their lives.

Lola Digital Media purchased AutoWise in 2020 and has since worked to build the best automotive information source on the web. We know it’s a big job, we’re excited to tackle it, and we have the expertise.

Lola Digital Media’s AllGear Group of websites includes GearJunkie.com, BikeRumor.com, ExplorersWeb.com, GearHungry.com, Improb.com, and Instash.com. An Editor-In-Chief independently operates each website and is responsible for its content.

Bryon Dorr, a journalist with 9-years of experience as an automotive writer and photographer, leads the AutoWise team.

Bryon Dorr with KTM 950 ADV